We will be picking up from our trip to Suzail.

The group was sent to the Cloud of the Mind tavern by Duval’s associate to get information on a job That would potentially pay well. This was in exchange for delivery of the item and the return of the nieces body.

The group was given information about the Storm Horn dwarves in the Storm Horn Mountains and told they were offering a bounty for years to whoever would help them reclaim the Wailing Dwarf.

After travelling to the Storm Horn mountains they were given about half the clan to reclaim it.

Arriving at the wailing dwarf, the group defeated a multitude of trolls and advanced up to the mouth of the wailing dwarf to defeat a very strong Naga. Once defeated, a door was opened showing the group the dwarven stronghold built into the mountain. They met a Cormyr War wizard by the name of Dvorak. They chose to talk with him and discovered that he had actually spoken with the leaders of the Stormhorns. The place had been emptied of valuables, so the payment they had been promised was not there. The group returned to the Storm Horns to find the two leaders had been killed.

The Suzail warriors were there and offered the group the opportunity to find Duvall and return with his location via portal. After accepting, they have made their way to the Scimitar Spires to find Duval.

Past 10th Generation

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